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Culturally focussed case work

    Ms H entered Guthrie House from Nepean Hospital Detoxificaton Unit in March 2016.

    She is an Aboriginal woman who upon entering Guthrie House was shy, timid and lacking in any self confidence. The Aboriginal Support Worker engaged with Ms H and she attended all the programs facilitated in Guthrie House and blossomed due to the support of all staff.

    In the cultural awareness classes she soon established that she is a gifted painter. The way she applies paint to a canvas is unique and the finished artwork is inspirational. Ms H successfully completed the residential program and has since moved into community housing, obtained by her case worker, and continues her association with Guthrie House through its After‑care program.

    Ms H now has a determined confidence to achieve her best life plan. She is pursuing training courses to obtain employment and her talent as an artist should be recognised in the wider community.