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Josephine’s story

    Josephine entered the Guthrie House residential program in October 2017 after a long custodial sentence. She had previously attempted other residential programs in the Sydney area but found recovery difficult to manage because she was a long way away from home and was not able to secure stable housing to start her transition or recovery in the community.

    After her time in custody on this occasion, she requested to come to Guthrie House and was referred via the CSNSW’s Funded Partnerships Initiative portal.

    Josephine had a focused goal and a clear objective in her mind to rebuild her life and reconnect with her daughters. They were a long distance away from Guthrie House and Sydney but Josephine chose rehabilitation before returning home first.

    She completed the residential program with ease and commenced the Outreach program. Her goal was to find employment and a stable home. Josephine has been on the Outreach program since February 2018. She now lives in a transitional house provided through our partnership with Metro House.

    She completed the six-month Work Opportunities for Women course including work experience run by TAFE, Petersham. She completed the parenting programs, Circle of Security and My Kids and Me, facilitated by the GH Family Worker. She completed her parole period and no longer has involvement with the criminal justice system. She gained employment as a trainee cook through the GH collaboration with ‘Two Good’, an organisation based in Redfern.

    Josephine has visited her daughters on many occasions since leaving custody and is rebuilding her bond to them. Josephine continues to work towards the day when she will reintegrate her life with her daughters on a permanent, daily basis. She has maintained abstinence since coming to Guthrie House and continues to become stronger within herself every day.