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Louise’s story

    Louise came to Guthrie House as a Drug Court client in April 2017. Louise endured over a decade of severe DV before she escaped but the trauma led her to a life of hard drug use to cope, and then crime.

    She came to Guthrie House with the will to get her life back on track and find stability. She successfully completed the residential program despite several admissions to hospital due to serious physical complications. She showed strength, resilience and determination to stay on the program during this difficult time but due to nearly a month in hospital, she missed a third of the program. This did not stop Louise from taking the challenge to do the 12-month Outreach program with Guthrie House.

    Through our partnership with Metro Housing, Louise was able to move into a transitional property close by to Guthrie House. With this opportunity, Louise went on to show her courage and commitment to rebuilding her life and recovery.

    She maintained active involvement with the Outreach worker for over 12 months. She remained abstinent, complied with all requirements of the Drug Court, attended groups, completed a TAFE course and did work experience in the community.

    Through partnership with Sue Jefferies from the Parramatta Drug Court, Warren from Metro Housing and Rosalind from Petersham TAFE (Career Pathways and Employability Skills Program), Louise is now ready to transition from Guthrie House to a life of independence.

    Louise awaits a priority housing property and is due to successfully complete the Outreach program in October 2018. To her credit, she complied with all requirements of the Drug Court program and was due to graduate in August 2018. She will be free from criminal justice involvement, abstinent from drug use and ready to face her future in stable long-term accommodation.