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If you are interested in coming to Guthrie House there are different ways to refer based on your involvement in the criminal justice system.

  • Corrective Service Centres and Community Corrections: Referrals are to be made via your Community Corrections Officer, the parole unit at the correctional facility that you are at or if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness a SAPO.
  • Drug Court: All referrals are to come via the Drug Court team.
  • Other: If you are an Aboriginal Women, homeless or at risk of homelessness with involvement in the criminal justice system please call Guthrie House on 02 9564 5977.

If you are in the community and not involved with Drug Court or Corrections, or you are unsure of how to make a referral please call Guthrie House to discuss your options.


Once a referral has been made and an eligibility assessment has been completed our intake officer will make contact with you to arrange a 30 minute – 1 hour phone assessment. In some cases we will make arrangements to meet with you to conduct a face to face assessment. Assessments are in place to identify how Guthrie House can best assist you to achieve your goals and also an opportunity for you to ask our staff questions about the service.

If you are accepted into the program, Guthrie House staff will make arrangements to pick you up from custody on the day of your release or from a detox unit if you are in the community.